The code for this website has followed where possible the guidelines set out by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for HTML and CSS.

What are these?

w3c logoYou may have seen these logos on other website. They mean the website has passed the W3C validation tests for complying with web and CSS standards.

I don't use the "official" logos as they are a bit unsightly, but you might notice I've used slightly more stylish logos at the bottom of the page.

Cascading Style Sheet

The structure of this website uses no frames or tables. The style and layout is controlled by seperate file called a Cascading Style Sheet or CSS file. CSS separates the content from the layout and style of a webpage, so if you removed all the CSS file from this page you could still navigate this website in its most basic form. This reduces the size of the pages so they download a lot quicker. It also allows you to change the style of the page which is handy for various mediums, such as normal browsing or printing pages.

This website has been built in 2 different styles: "Default" and "Basic". The Default style is the one you would have seen when you first visited this website and the "Basic" style has all the images removed and is fairly very simple in design. To switch between the styles, click on the buttons below or the links in the footer. This shows the power of CSS and how it can change the style of a website while using the same HTML file.

Shortcut keys

Most browsers allow you to click links by a set of pre-defined keys. The following keys can be used to navigate this website. Most browsers in Windows support ALT + an access key. However, ALT + Shift + an access key is required in some circumstances. Mac users, press Ctrl + Opt + an access key.

Home page = 0
Portfolio = 1
Contact = 2

Screen size

This site is designed for screen resolutions 800x600 pixels and larger, however a fully responsive site is in development.

Text size

The site uses relative text sizes that can be increased or decreased by using your browser menu (Click View > text size or View > zoom). If your current browser doesn't have this feature I suggest you update to a newer version (I strongly recommend Mozilla Firefox).


You will notice all the links contain a pop up box that describe the link in greater detail. Not only does this make the webite that little bit more usable, it also helps when searching for a website through search engines